Rocket Press Release (Events)

Rocket Press Release Platform

Public Charities
Social Advocacy Organizations
Professional and Trade Organizations

We are your conduit for crafting, producing and delivering your pre-promotion and event day coverage. Your message will be delivered to the main media sources directly to editors and event reporters via press releases, video, social media channels and email.

Level 1 Delivery:
Includes 2 X 30 second event videos as follows:

Video 1 Pre-Promo. The pre-promo interview will encapsulate the where, when, why and how. This capture is a great tool to catapult your event on your website and social media channels to garner support from the public, volunteers and sponsors.

Video 2 Event Coverage. The event coverage would include 1 hour on-location capturing some of the event highlights with interviews from organizers and participants. Option to include Voice Over narration.

E-Press Release. Our experienced writers will craft your message with purpose and intent. We will then send the Press Release to XXX media channels. This would also include embedding your Pre-Promo Video as part of the E-Blast.

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