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Balla Media is a Google Partner

Whether it's Google Search, Display or YouTube we will build out your campaign and drive quality relevant traffic of potential customers to your website, app or on-line store. Your time is valuable. We have a team of digital experts who will optimize your account regularly and help you achieve top results. By working with us you have access to custom insights, tools and expertise which will give your business the edge in Google Search, Mobile, Display and YouTube Ads. Call us today at 905.572.7474 for a custom proposal presented by our team and a team from Google.

Balla Media is a Google Partner. What does it mean to be a Google Partner? Google Ensures Profitability & Quality Customer Service — Google does this by reviewing our agency’s MCC or client accounts to make sure that we are giving their clients optimal service through improved quality scores. A high quality score involves maximizing the benefits of a campaign by ensuring that ads, keywords, and landing pages are bringing in the appropriate target market and ROI. Balla Media is an advertising agency based in Hamilton, Ontario. Balla Media Values: Integrity, Communication, Delivering Results, Creativity and Vision. 

We understand it’s more important to work at your business than in your business. Our agency will manage your overall advertising plan from concept to execution to billing. Your business's messages will be delivered in the most efficient and effective ways available based on target demographic, geographic area or geo fencing, reach and frequency. The goal is to move and maintain your business to the top of your consumers mental shopping list. You'll have access to our team specialized in Google Marketing, Mobile , YouTube, Display, Search, Media Buying, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Design and Social Media Management.

Google+ Partner Playbook 

How can Google+ help your business? Learn how to get started with Google+ and learn about the benefits of building your businesses brand with Google+.


A Guide To Building Successful Adwords Campaigns

An excellent resource for planning and buidling an adwords campaign.

Display Network

Google Display Network

Starting a Google Display Network Campaign

YouTube TrueView Video Ads

A simple 2 page guide to the TrueView Youtube Products available.
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