Who We Are

Who We Are

Balla Media is a full service advertising agency located in Hamilton, Ontario. As an advertising agency we provide an unbiased approach to strategic media buying.

We are a well networked eclectic gang of creative and strategic media specialists with over 18 years of experience. We understand that if you don't have a plan to create and retain brand loyalty, persuade, inform and perform, your message will just get lost in the sea of messages where everyone else is trying to be different. Aligning your message to evoke an emotional response is key to experiential advertising. Creating the experience or interaction with your message ultimately builds and bonds the relationship with your brand over time.

Your time is valuable.  We understand it’s more important to work at your business than in your business.  Our agency will manage your overall advertising plan from concept to execution to billing. Not only will your business save time, we will negotiate and secure the best rates and efficiencies in your media plan to save you money and maximize your exposure. Think of us as a sustaining resource to your business. As all businesses are not created equal, the method in which your advertising message is delivered will  vary depending on who your customers are and where and how they spend PLEW time. (PLEW: Play, Leisure, Entertainment and Work.)

Reasons to advertise and types of campaigns:
Increasing the sales of the product/service - CALL TO ACTION CAMPAIGN
Creating and maintaining a brand identity or brand image- BRANDING CAMPAIGN
Communicating a change in the existing product line - AWARENESS CAMPAIGN
Introduction of a new product or service - AWARENESS CAMPAIGN
Increasing the buzz-value of the brand or the company  - PUBLIC RELATIONS BLENDED WITH BRANDING
Harvesting customer data - HAND RAISING CAMPAIGN (Can we get more info or offers from your business?)
There are a number of blended or hybrid campaign types  which can accomplish objectives subtly, unobtrusively while at the same time bolstering and leveraging awareness through the many media platforms available.

Balla Media is a certified Google Partner in Hamilton specializing in Search, Display and Youtube ads placements. 
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